“Girl” LEGOs

Girly Lego

She does like the LEGO Friends (aka, the ‘girl’ LEGO), but she also just likes building random, crazy vehicles & buildings out of any LEGO bricks at her disposal (aka, the actual girl LEGO).

Cartoon Artist

Around age three, Ainsley really started getting interested in drawing. She would go through sheet after sheet of paper every day at day care. Over the weekend, she would ask to color such-and-such cartoon character. Eventually, she just started asking for blank sheets of paper on which she’d start to draw her own scene. On weekend days, we find her standing outside of the office doors asking for a blank sheet of paper from the printer, which is something I used to do when spending time at my dad’s office as kid. I’m pretty sure my thoughts on ‘just how much is this kid costing us in office supplies’ were the same my dad had. We’ve even offered to bring in extra reams of paper to the day care teachers to offset her higher-than-average use. She produces so much that she even hands these drawings out to her friends at the daycare (we have to let the parents know that, no, we didn’t need it back; we have plenty of her art. Just recycle it.)

She’s even branched out into painting some—with water colors and acrylic paint—and Play-doh sculpture (mostly pretend foods for her toys). However, it seems like her real creativity comes out when drawing with crayons or markers. Most recently, she’s taken to folding up pieces of paper and making cards or books. This weekend alone she’s made a half dozen "books": a piece of letter-sized paper folded up three times, with each page hand colored & some word or random letters written on it, and various other hand drawings cut out and glued onto the pages.

Today, she really impressed me by showing me her drawing of a cartoon character. She had had to redraw it a couple of times to get it small enough to fit into her little book. What’s more, this character was recognizable (with a hint from the artist, at least) even though she hadn’t seen that cartoon in weeks. That is, she did the whole thing from memory. As impressed as I was by how close she got the character, I was more impressed by her coming with the little project all on her own and having the mental capacity to stick to it through several tries.

Cartoonist Ainsley

Ainsley and her drawings of the Backyardigans‘ Uniqua as "The Masked Retriever" The third attempt was finally small enough to fit onto her book, which you can see has a checkmark. I was informed this was part of the story (a library book being checked in). For reference, here’s a picture of the actual cartoon character:

Big Helper

Big Helper

Big Helper, originally uploaded by super-structure.

Ainsley seems to be a very happy big sister. She really enjoys pushing the pram on our afternoon walks around the park. She tries to help bring blankies and socks when she sees that Wyatt doesn’t have them. She even likes to “hold” Wyatt by putting Angela’s nursing pillow around her to have him lay on. When we do this, she pats his head softly. It’s all very cute but of course the biggest relief is that she doesn’t seem to show the slightest hint of jealousy.

Afternoon Snooze

Afternoon Snooze

Afternoon Snooze, originally uploaded by super-structure.

Running around all day long can be just exhausting. Just ask Ainsley, who just can’t stop walking and getting into pretty much everything!
Her favorite things so far are:

  • Splashing her hands in the dog’s water bowls.
  • Pushing all the buttons on the stereo, DVD player, and television. This also includes the associated remotes.
  • Watching for the stairs gate to open so she can start climbing up the stairs.
  • Opening all the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Coming into my office and grabbing anything that’s not bolted down.

It’s all really fun and cute, to tell the truth. Just exhausting for all involved.